NETVIEW: Daredevil

The Man Without Fear has FINALLY been realised in all his glory!

Daredevil Season One

When it comes to Marvel heroes, Daredevil is one of the more ill-fated in his representation on the big screen. Considering that he is SUCH a great hero with an emotional backstory and some very interesting abilities, it has been a real shame that, until now, people mostly remember Daredevil as this:

Daredevil 2003 PosterI mean… SERIOUSLY?! Ok so whilst reviewers of the day, in general, said the film was “ok”… that is a GENEROUS description. I could spend the rest of this article telling you how WOEFUL this film was (or even how speechless we are that, despite this steaming pile of garbage, Ben Affleck has STILL end up being cast as Batman for the upcoming Batman vs Superman film… WHAT?!) but onto much bigger and better things… on the smaller screen!

So, after much anticipation across the media, Netflix and Marvel Studios teamed up with a vision to bring some of their more gritty, street level heroes to life… at the forefront of this – Daredevil!

Spoiler Alert: if you haven’t watched Daredevil yet, proceed with caution… there may well be spoilers!

In April this year, the day finally arrived, and many people (us Super Gamers included) were coerced into buying a Netflix membership PURELY to see this show… was it worth the risk? Well, the MCU hasn’t let us down yet (if you ignore The Incredible Hulk movie… yeah, just ignore that)!

Firstly, to get it out the way, YES as Marvel Cinematic Universe fanboys, it was nice to see a few nods to the larger universe, particularly the events of the first Avengers film and the levelling of half of New York (the show IS set in Hell’s Kitchen after all). These guys DO inhabit the same world as the heroes we’ve already seen, so it was nice to acknowledge that… acknowledge, and then leave alone. One of the reasons that Daredevil works so well is because, whilst it is AWARE of the larger MCU, it doesn’t RELY on being part of the MCU.

Daredevil S1 E1

It is a very strong and engaging crime story (with a lot of Noir elements – another thing we tend to get giddy about), but it’s also highly stylised at times as well: it’s almost a piece of art watching some of these episodes – but more gushing later! The general tone of the series, unlike it’s film counterparts, is a lot darker and grittier, with our hero taking more than a few beatings and dishing them out. By reducing everything to a small scale, unlike the grand battles of the MCU films, you really feel every punch thrown, and see the consequences.

Considering that Marvel Studios has already made some fantastic casting decisions for their heroes, but seem to be completely off the PACE when it comes to villains…

Guardians Ronan(that WASN’T a reference to LEE Pace aka Ronan from Guardians by the way… although again, not a great villain)

…Daredevil is right on the money with an EXCEPTIONAL cast.

Daredevil Charlie CoxFirst, the man himself, Charlie Cox… firstly, we love that he’s English (yet another high caliber actor from our home country!) but, much more than that, on the face of it people may have questioned his casting, but that melts away as soon as you start watching it. Now we couldn’t imagine ANYONE else playing the part! He provides so much gravity to the role that it makes Murdock’s somewhat unbelievable powers seem so VERY real. And, aside from that, his cool and assured presence as a lawyer by day and powerful and unrelenting vigilante by night is compelling to watch. Again, this was a smart decision by Marvel, as not only is Charlie proven on the small screen, for his work in Boardwalk Empire, but he’s also had his share on the big screen too, being the central character (though somehow discredited by not being named the “lead”) in Stardust back in 2007. This leads us to believe that it is only a matter of time before we see the Man Without Fear battling it out on the big screen (we live in hope that he may yet make an appearance in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, though that hope is dwindling since they’ve unveiled pretty much ALL of the main characters).

Daredevil S1 E5So Charlie Cox is fantastic but, as we all know, one man does not make a show great. Why Daredevil works so well is because of the entirety of the cast. Even THIS guy from The Shawshank Redemption makes an appearance!

Daredevil Season One Cast

Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and Elden Henson as Foggie Nelson both are a joy to watch, particularly as they bounce off of Charlie’s Matt Murdock, Foggie being the empathetic comic relief and Karen being the earnest heart of the show. Both were relatively unknown to us before this show, though some will recognise Deborah from True Blood,  and Elden from the Mighty Ducks trilogy back in the 90s. Again, some very insightful casting as both make the parts their own.

We cannot mention cast without giving a nod to Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple AKA Night Nurse. Although more of a recurring guest, Dawson, a veteran on the screen, makes the part her own, and it seems more than likely she’ll be a crossover character of sorts, rumored to appear in the Luke Cage series  next year.

Daredevil S1 E13

And finally, (and by finally we mean FINALLY!) Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin. Although the show suggests it’s about the Man Without Fear, it’s just as much about Fisk and his criminal empire, as he becomes the Kingpin of crime. D’Onofrio plays the part as though it was made for him, revelling in the fact that the Kingpin is such a grey area – not an out and out baddie, but still very much a tortured soul and somebody who carries out bad things. We see throughout the series that Fisk believes his intentions to be good… but as we all know, some of the worst things in the world are made with the best intentions. At times we even find ourselves cheering him on (I know… cheering on the baddie?!) as we see his blossoming romance with his eventual wife Vanessa. The many levels to this character make him both deep and engaging but also encourage an apathy – or even a most uncomfortable feeling – from the audience that we would otherwise not experience. His fits of rage are as sudden and violent physically as they are mentally. D’Onofrio should be proud, creating a baddie that can really show the guys on the big screen how it’s done. Despite the end of this Season, we KNOW this isn’t the last we see of the Kingpin.

Daredevil Kingpin

Lastly, we couldn’t do this review without noting the character development. We’ve mentioned Fisk’s journey into the criminal underworld, but that’s certainly on a par with Murdock’s backstory, shown through a series of flashbacks, and we particularly appreciate the relationship with his father, boxer “Battling Jack” Murdock. In some ways you can compare how we see a young Matt Murdock to Peter Quill as a kid at the beginning of Guardians. Both have more than their fair share of tragedy, which not only connects with the audience on an emotional level, but also shows the repercussions of that trauma in their adult life – something all of us can identify with on some level.

Daredevil LogoAll in all, Daredevil is a fantastic romp into the dark underbelly of crime in the city. Put what you know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the back of your mind, because this series sets itself apart from anything else Marvel-made to date.

FINAL VERDICT: 5 Stab-Proof Suits out of 5

ALSO, if you’ve got excited enough about the first Season of Daredevil, look out for Season Two next year! Filming began in July, AND alongside the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, we’re going to see THE PUNISHER – played, in all his glory, by Walking Dead and Fury favourite, Jon Bernthal – we may not have seen his performance yet, but we already know this is a fantastic bit of casting!

And finally… this:

Daredevil Elektra Poster

Elektra too??!! Season Two’s going to be BIG!

Until next time, Marvel-fans!

Marvel-lous Summer!!

Comic - Iron Man, Cap, Spiderman


Long time no see! Did you miss us?! Of course you did!

Well… we’re back! And boy have we got some exciting stuff for you!

While we catch up on ourselves with everyone’s favourite zombie apocalypse series “Super Gamers of Decay”… get up to date with the latest offering in “Telltale Game of Thrones” and round off Season Five of the TV show… the BIGGEST thing we have to talk about is…

Ant-Man Poster


Keep your eyes on the blog as we do our cheeky reviews of everything MCU this year! THAT MEANS: Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Netflix Season One of Daredevil (not to mention what we’re REALLY excited about Season Two!) AND of course the latest release, Ant-Man!

So essentially, we’re back with a bang ladies and gents!

First up: Super Gamers of Decay Season Two! It’s almost VOTING TIME! Catch up with the Season so far here:

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RETROVIEW: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Getting (nearly) all of your favourite Marvel superheroes in one place can never be a bad thing… right?!

Ultimate Alliance Cover

Given it’s 2006 release date, this game was one of the early additions to the then next-gen consoles of PS3 and Xbox 360. As such, when playing the game now (that’s 9 years later), the game can prove pretty clunky in its mechanics, with glitches being a common problem. On more than a few occasions we’ve seen baddies seemingly being stuck halfway through the floor, or simply not die… but much more annoying than that is the most common problem: costumes not unlocking. One of the rewards of endlessly button-mashing as you fight your way through hordes of cannon fodder… I mean bad guys… is unlocking more costumes for your heroes. But a problem we have encountered many times is it being flagged that you’ve unlocked a new one, only to face the bitter disappointment that the costume is still locked. This problem extends even further to characters: on our first play-through it occurred to us early on that the first character we ‘unlocked’, none other than the sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange, hadn’t unlocked at all as we couldn’t access him after the event that supposedly makes him available… wow that’s annoying!

Doctor Strange

Despite this manner of glitch, if you then start a new game it should clear those glitches away, but be aware that this issue can occur at anytime. The best way to combat it is to have two save slots for your game, that way you can load up an earlier time before a glitch occurs to try and battle through it again. So, on the negative side, it’s mega-glitchy, clunky, with basic graphics and not much strategy at all (any ‘puzzle’ games are more or less signposted for you to get through easily), but these problems will never stop you getting the game if you’re a Marvel fan.

The biggest pluses concern the characters themselves. All the most popular Marvel heroes are there, well most of them, and over 30 of those characters are playable (sadly, no Hulk in the first installment of the game, due to a rights issue, but you do get a cameo from Bruce Banner early on), with up to four costumes available to each hero.  And for every hero, there’s a villain, making even Spider-Man’s rogues gallery look meager by comparison.


The storyline is very interesting, even with the addition of a sub-plot concerning black widow and side objectives in each mission and comic book missions with direct references to the source material… so there’s actually quite a bit to do in this game, keeping you entertained for quite some time.

But there is one more problem, which is often an issue with vastly merchandised brands: cost. Now, you may pay over the odds for the game itself, but that’s not what we suggest by costs. Actually, there are some characters which could only be unlocked by purchasing the DLC online, a common trick but something you’d think they could have missed out to just include those characters as standard. The fans would certainly appreciate! And bear in mind now that there is no way to download the additional characters now at all, as the DLC has since been completely removed from the game… I know… that sucks!

Ultimate Alliance Gameplay

But this game has a lot to give for Marvel fans everywhere. A beat-em-up, button-mashing, role-playing game that allows you to use intriguing combinations of your favourite Marvel characters, each bringing their unique personality to the table. For the less hardcore fan, it also offers you another medium to learn more about lesser known Marvel characters (before this game we’d never heard of Moon Knight, for instance, and now he’s one of our faves), and learn more about their back-stories. You may have heard of Elektra, but did you know the extent of her involvement with Daredevil and that she died?! Or did you know that Deadpool… knows he’s in a game…

All in all, the Ultimate Alliance games certainly get your Marvel head spinning and, interestingly, this game is probably more relevant now than ever before due to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, it is our belief that a new Ultimate Alliance in the near future would be a great idea, and a way to see all of our Ultimate Alliance 3favourite characters from the films in one game (imagine taking on HYDRA agents with a team comprising of: Hulk, Groot, War Machine and Ant-Man?! With today’s graphics the characters would be more life-like than ever, so you pretty much are playing the characters from the films. WOW! THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

Evidently, Marvel may think so too! Check this out:

But, to conclude with this game, as a Marvel fan we would be inclined to offer full marks, but glitches galore and limitations with the characters and drama does leave our hands tied.

FINAL VERDICT: 4 “Why is Blade in this game?” Out of 5

No More Zombies?!

Zombie TV Show Banner

It’s been an eventful week zom-fans, seeing the end of both Season Five of The Walking Dead and I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse. That means we’ve got no more zombie shows to review. “Oh no!” We hear you cry, but don’t fret, as it’s not all doom and gloom… we’ve plenty more great stuff to share with you! (Oh, and Season Six of The Walking Dead will be back in six months)

Don’t forget that Season Five of everyone’s favourite fantasy/political thriller/medieval TV series Game of Thrones will be back on the 13th April (that’s just over a week away!) and we promise to review each episode of the show this season as well!

Speaking of Thrones, we’re also continuing our episode by episode review of the Telltale Game of Thrones series, with Episode Three also coming very soon! Plenty of developments afoot for the Forresters, as well as another cameo that’s sure to get fans excited for Episode Four!

But, if you really need your fix of zombies, there’s something for you too! If you’re not already aware of our episodic zombie series based on the Undead Labs game State of Decay (funnily enough named Super Gamers of Decay), Season Two is already underway (just click the link here to launch straight into Season Two: ) and Day Four is coming very soon. Amongst a lot of drama, a very important decision needs to be made by you, the readers, in Episode Four: should they stay or go? We’ll add the link once the episode is published!

So don’t despair, zom-fans, because we’ve got you covered with enough material to tide you over until Rick and the gang at Alexandria get on with Season Six!

Walking Dead Season 5 Alexandria

Deadpool is Coming… Look Busy

The Merc with a Mouth is getting closer to a reality, with this cheeky little pic from the actor playing him.

Deadpool Costume Tweet An impromptu image released by Ryan Reynolds on his Twitter feed has got comic book fans in a trance as they get their first look at the official Deadpool costume. With the news that the Deadpool movie is due out on February 12th 2016, this seems like as good a time as any to speculate on what we’d like to see in the Deadpool film… and what Fox should most definitely avoid.

  • Explicit Content – yes, the Superhero movie definitely appeals to youngsters, and nearly all of the films so far have adhered to a 12 rating (other than the 2004 Punisher film which was rated an 18… though a 15 would have been fairer). But Deadpool is not a child’s character, the comics show that. He’s rude, obscene even, and he’s very violent when he wants to be… he’s by no means a hero! A 15 rating, at the least, would give fans a true Deadpool rather than the watered down version.
  • Cameos – since Fox also have all of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, it would do no harm to nod to either of those groups within the film, perhaps allowing Fox to build a Universe of their own to rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe (but, as far as we’re concerned, NOTHING can beat the MCU!). Wolverine and Deadpool would no doubt be fun to see on screen again, this time not as enemies like in the ridiculous final battle in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • 4th Wall Breaking – He’s famous for it, being one of the only characters that does this, so Fox should not scrimp on the complete self-aware element of Deadpool. Yes, he can be seen as verging on complete insane, but he’s very much aware he’s a character being watched. By this token, he should also be very much aware of other Fox films and particularly his forgettable first appearance in the Origins film.
  • Chimichangas – self-explanatory for any Deadpool fan.

Deadpool Test Footage Screenshot

But despite everything, there is a very small part of us (the “MCU is awesome” part) that kind of wants to see this film flop in someway. Why, you ask? Quite simply, we want to see Fox give up the rights to Deadpool so Marvel Studios can swoop in and claim “the Merc with the Mouth” back. Who wouldn’t love to see a Deadpool cameo in an Avengers film?! Can you imagine him giving the come on to the Black Widow, or ridiculing Captain America?! Even if the film was not awful, if it’s reception was lukewarm enough for Fox to have second thoughts about franchising the character, perhaps a deal can be reached for the character, in a similar fashion to Sony and Marvel with Spider-Man.

One thing’s for sure – Ryan Reynolds is sure to be in his element as the character, and perhaps will be his defining role to date (at least in the superhero vein… Green Lantern was forgettable at best). And we look forward to Deadpool completely slating his first appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It would be a crime if Wade Wilson didn’t point out the ridiculousness that happened in that film, seeing as the character was spectacularly killed off in it.

If the test footage is anything to go by, let’s hope Fox keep along this kind of vein:

But now we put this to you, Marvel fans? What would YOU like to see in next year’s Deadpool film? Are you a fan of the Merc with a Mouth? Or perhaps want to know more about the character? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

SGES Presents: Gamer Infinite

A review with this mix of fact, opinion, information and wit with games is very rare to find… so be sure to check out Gamer Infinite!

We here at SGES get positively giddy about games, and we love others who just as nutty about it as us. Recently we caught up with uber gamer and long time friend of SGES, Matt Simpson, who has started releasing his own video reviews with Gamer Infinite. Safe to say, we loved this, and the inaugural video about Ubisoft was brilliant, giving you a great insight and point of comparison with not just the games but the big companies responsible for them. Very insightful stuff!

We were so enthused, in fact, that we’ve caught up with Matt for a quick interview about his gaming experiences. So, here it is:

1. How old were you when you played your first video game and what was it?

Spider-Man game coverHa! I had the Toy Story animated storybook when I was about 3 I think, my Dad got us a computer at a very early age and I played a lot with that. I didn’t get my first console till I was about 12 I think, a PS2 with Metal Gear Solid 2 and the original Spider-Man game.

(NOTE: the original Spider-Man game is AWESOME)

2. What is your favourite current game?

Of the last few years, the game that had the most impact on me was Bioshock Infinite – I know it’s not perfect, but I’m almost glad it isn’t. It’s an astonishing experience, and one that showed me that games can deal with so much more than most triple A titles seem afraid to. It’s glorious fun, gorgeous to explore, and has a narrative that lives with me long after I finished it.

My favourite game ever is probably Grim Fandango. It was the game that showed me what games could do with narrative, artistic design and characterisation. It’s utterly gorgeous, and thank God it’s finally had the re-release it’s sorely deserved, and now everyone can experience it.

So narrative and, presumably, character development are very important to you in games. Would you say this translates over to your taste in films and TV shows too?

To a certain extent, I like TV that attempts to innovate or look at things in a different way – Black Mirror is probably the best example I can think of. I watch a lot of comedy too, particularly American long form sitcoms like Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine Nine, and always like to look at characters in those type of shows, and what does and doesn’t work.

So back to games: 3. who is your favourite character in a video game EVER?

Ooh… I need to consider that.

(Some time passes)

I think in terms of a complete character I’ve never seen it done better than Ellie from The Last of Us. As an example in how to develop a well-rounded character you can empathise with, with flaws and struggles, and with such an expertly delivered performance to go along with it, it shows what you can do with game characters.

The Last of Us

Do you think that game almost feels like an interactive film in its cinematography and casting?

No, and games that attempt to do that inevitably fail as games… just look at The Order 1886 – pretty and cinematic for sure, but ultimately a wet blanket of a game. The best game stories are told well aware that they’re games, and use that to their advantage. Yes, narrative and characters can, and should, be inspired by films, but trying to replicate the medium just doesn’t work.

We like that! By comparison how do you like Telltale Games form of game-based storytelling?

I think the way it blends elements of choice with a narrative focus, along with its unique art style, is a really good example in how to use the interactivity of games to tell stories. The Walking Dead is one of the few examples I can think of where QTE’s actually add to the experience in a positive way. And, although sometimes the gameplay can be too easy, or too linear in its “click here, then click here, then win game” setup, I think that does work to keep the pace of the narrative and not interrupt it, which is vital for the stories it tells.

As a BioWare fan… what did you make of the Mass Effect series and its conclusion in 3? (Be prepared for SPOILERS)

I think the first game was mechanically all over the shop, and it was only really the story and the characters that kept me playing!

ME2 was probably the best game in the series, insofar as it developed the mechanics to make it an enjoyable gaming experience, managed to write a single isolated story that still fitted into Shepard’s grander narrative, and lead nicely into the 3rd game.

And with the third game, I always say this: the lead up to the end, through all 3 games, was absolutely glorious, but the developers clearly painted themselves into a corner, and left themselves with no option but to end it the way they did. I wanted to see more pay-off with the big actions you’d taken throughout the series – and maybe more pay off with what happened to the characters involved. Hopefully the new one will answer some of those questions.

Mass Effect 3

Hopefully yes! But so far we could say Mass Effect is the gaming equivalent of LOST, right?

I haven’t seen Lost so I wouldn’t know.

(Oh… awkward) Finally 4. SCENARIO. You’re playing Mariokart (we won’t say which one), you have to pick a character… which one do you pick and why?

I tend to go Yoshi because he’s got decent speed and handling, but I’ve also always loved Wario – which reminds me: Nintendo – where’s a new Warioware game?!?

Good question! But you’ve got to pick ONE: Wario or Yoshi?

YoshiOh I have to win, so Yoshi!”

A true gamer right there, going with a character so he can win! Anyway, Matt and Gamer Infinite have more videos coming very soon (this weekend in fact!) so look out for that on their YouTube channel here:

Want more visual, gamer fans? You know where to go!

Gamer Infinite Logo

Spider-Man: What We Want to See

Spidey’s back in his rightful home, the MCU. But what’s next for the web-head? We have a few ideas…

Spider-Man and the Avengers

With the news that Marvel and Sony have reached an agreement over the rights of Spider-Man, and will partner up in future films for the web-head, we, like most Marvel fans got so excited we nearly wet ourselves. But, we were also productive, and started playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (review coming soon) and binge-watching Spider-Man: The Animated Series from 1994. Safe to say, the series hasn’t lost any of the charm that it held over us as kids, but it also provides us with a great starting blue-print for the future of Spidey. So here’s some things we loved about the series:

  • Spidey’s Personality – Spider-Man/Peter Parker shows the full range of emotions throughout the series, but at all times he is very likable, witty and, most importantly, watchable.
  • The Baddies – Spider-Man has by far the largest rogues gallery of any Marvel superhero, and the series showed a full range of villains, always introducing them in a way that suited the character.
  • The Goodies – Spidey has tangled with many of the Marvel greats, and sometimes these cameos are pivotal to many of the plots. With Spider-Man now being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this allows so much potential for other heroes to drop in – perhaps cleaning up the streets with Daredevil, or battling mystic powers with Dr Strange, or even crossing paths with Iron Man… there’s a lot of potential!
  • Spider-Man’s background – watching Season One of the series, and even the later series, there are references and even flashbacks to Spider-Man’s origin, but they DO NOT do an origins story episode. Even then there was no need, so why do ANOTHER origin on the big screen? We’ve already seen it twice!

Spider-Man ComicMarvel Studios have been very clever with their films so far, and it has been rumored that origin stories are somewhat out of vogue in superhero films now, so we know they will not make the origin blunder – reference and flash backs are fine, but a feature-length origin story would be stupid (unless they did not want the Peter Parker Spider-Man – but how can you choose anyone OTHER than Peter Parker?!).

Spider-Man is such a long-running character that there are innumerable stories to choose from for a film, but there’s one story we’ve found recently that we in particular believe would work well, and introduce a great character for both Spidey and the MCU: Black Cat. Here’s why:

  • Heroines – the MCU is crying out for more female heroes, and Black Cat would be a welcome addition. She’s feisty, strong, agile, intelligent, and more than a bit of a flirt.
  • Spider-Man Black Cat ComicRelationship with Spider-Man – Cat and Spidey have tangled on several occasions, even becoming lovers for a time, and that paralleled with the Peter Parker/Felicia Hardy lack of a relationship would be very interesting to see on screen. And where would MJ fit into things?
  • Baddies – Black Cat starts off as a burglar, wanting revenge, but Spider-Man soon changes her ways. This anti-hero status is something we haven’t seen enough of in the MCU so far. Also, Black Cat and Spidey have a common enemy in the Kingpin, who we already know is being introduced for the Daredevil series.
  • Black Cat origin – there are several ‘origins’ of the Black Cat, since there’s the Black Cat without powers and one with, but we believe the one used in the Animated Series would be a perfect fit. In that story, Kingpin tries to break Felicia’s father out of S.H.I.E.L.D’s prison (and yes, Nick Fury features too) because her Kingpin Black Catfather was a child spy during WWII and used his photographic memory to memorise the super soldier formula  used on Steve Rogers (yes, that’s Captain America). He then realised he had been manipulated into helping Nazis, disguising themselves as Allies, and refused to share the formula with them. Kingpin wants to create a super soldier army for himself and wants that formula. Kingpin takes Felicia hostage to sway her father to share the formula, and they end up using a modified version on her… thus creating The Black Cat. After an initial bad start, Black Cat and Spidey grow very close, forming a crime-fighting duo and later romance blossoms… though it does not last.

SMBC001016_400We think the Black Cat origin story would work really well, since most of the characters needed have already been introduced in the
MCU. Even if Chris Evans wasn’t signed on as Cap in the film, this could be easily gotten around by recycling footage from Captain America: The First Avenger and either superimpose or use other shots of Felicia’s father spying on the experiment. And we’d already have a Kingpin and a Nick Fury in Vincent D’Onofrio and Samuel L. Jackson. The MCU would get a much-needed anti-hero AND heroine, but we’d also get to see a superhero romantic relationship, something which we are yet to see in any great detail – though supposedly there is a definite romantic connection between Black Widow and Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron (arguably more of a Natasha Romanov/Bruce Banner relationship then their hero alter egos). In the comics there are even more stories for The Black Cat, so you can see just how much potential there is!

To conclude, back to Spidey. Though we would not like to speculate on any particular actor that COULD play Spider-Man, we’re aware that Marvel will be looking for somebody relatively young, but other than that the Spider-Man we want to see needs to be:

  • Funny – the web-slinger is a wise-cracker born and bred, and this lightness in the face of adversity is something we have not seen nearly enough of in any of the 5 iterations so far.
  • True – Peter Parker and Spider-Man are GOODIES. Although he makes mistakes, he is always true to himself – a real good heart.
  • Intelligent – Peter Parker is a scientist at heart, and is an intelligent guy, but that doesn’t mean he is a nerd. Spidey is very, very funny, he just happens to be clever too, so a fine balance between both needs to be achieved for the character – and the actor that plays him.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

That’s the makings of our perfect Spider-Man. But what about you, Spider-fans? Leave a comment with what you’d like to see in the next Spider-Man film and what your perfect Spider-Man would be!

Falcon: What We Know and What’s Next

The high-flying superhero was only introduced to us on screen in Cap 2 last year, but with news of an appearance in Avengers 2 this year, what’s next for The Falcon?

Falcon Cap 2

Last year we were introduced to one of Captain America’s all-time best buds, and superhero tag team buddies (we refrain from using the term ‘sidekick’… too much stigma attached to that term), Falcon! Although we didn’t learn a lot about the flying hero, other than that he’s an ex-military man named Sam Wilson, and has access to a top-secret military winged suit… he’s also pretty bad-ass in terms of flying in the suit and redefines the term “fly-by” when he’s armed with dual pistols as well. But this is about all we have learnt so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Does this mean Falcon is destined to only be a side character… hell no! Anthony Mackie, who plays the character, is signed on a multi-picture deal anyway (we’ve heard that it’s possibly a 10 film deal but cannot confirm) so there’s certainly a lot of miles in the tank, but also the actor is of a high enough caliber to take center stage with the character (if anything, he’s been underrated by casting directors with his range of bit parts so far). Most importantly, Falcon is one of Marvel’s most significant characters, being the first ever African-American superhero in the comics and the first ever superhero of African descent who doesn’t have the word “Black” in his name… and if this moral high ground isn’t enough to justify Falcon getting more of the limelight, try this for size:

Falcon Cap Costume

In several storylines in the comics, Falcon is forced to step in for the Cap. In fact, when Cap is aged into an old man in the Marvel NOW! relaunch, Falcon is appointed as the “official” replacement Captain America.

Perhaps more significantly in the near future of the MCU, Falcon has an important role to play in the Civil War storyline. In the comics, Falcon actively supports Cap against the “Superhuman Registration Act”, and when Cap becomes incapacitated later on in the story, Falcon assumes leadership of the “Secret Avengers” underground group. Following Cap’s assassination by the Red Skull’s machinations, before locating The Winter Soldier and tracking down Red Skull in connection with Cap’s assassination. So, all in all, Falcon is VERY important in Civil War. If that translates into the film next year, then Falcon will seemingly play second lead to the most superhero heavy film yet that’s NOT an Avengers film… not bad Anthony Mackie!

But what role will the Falcon play in Avengers: Age of Ultron?  Well, so far we know he certainly makes an appearance, and apparently will be donning a new suit… perhaps the famous red and white suit from the comics? This pic certainly seems to show that:

Falcon Suit

It makes sense that Falcon appears in the film, as Civil War will surely follow on directly from the end result of this film? In fact, it’s rumoured that the team ending up with Captain America at the end of Avengers 2 will be: Falcon, War Machine, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and possibly Vision. But will Falcon be named an out-and-out Avenger in the film? We hope so!

What seems a lot more certain at this stage is that James Rhodes AKA War Machine, WILL be recruited into the Avengers. Given his appearance in the celebratory scene used as a teaser for the film, it seems likely that he is now within the ranks of the Avengers.

But with rumours that one of the heroes may die in the film, is Rhodey’s time up? We REALLY hope not!

Yes, we here at SGES love an underdog, so we also love to champion those heroes that are not front and center of the Marvel films. So here are our three heroes we’re rooting for in the upcoming Avengers 2:


Falcon Comics

We’ve given you plenty of reasons already why Falcon is important. There’s so much to develop with this character and we can’t wait to see that development on screen! Not to mention Anthony Mackie’s brilliant depiction of the character!

War Machine

War Machine

James Rhodes is almost the counter point of Tony Stark. Where Tony is free-spirited and has issues with authority, Rhodey embodies loyalty, duty and order. He’s essentially a sensible Iron Man, but that’s not to say that’s a bad thing… War Machine can still kick ass! Don Cheadle was a superb piece of recasting, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role, bringing that sensibility and restraint as well as throwing in the wise cracks as a foil to Stark’s antics. We hope to see a lot more of War Machine, despite a fourth Iron Man installment not being on the cards.


Hawkeye Long Sleeves

Yes, Jeremy Renner is not the only one that has been left with a bitter taste in the mouth with his lack of involvement in Avengers Assemble. Hawkeye has potential to be such a dynamic superhero, being one that has tangled with a ton of superheroes in the comics, popping up in several other characters’s comics. We want to see a lot more development of the character in the coming films, rather than just being “that dude with a bow”. Maybe even donning the classic purple costume? Or is that doomed to be shunned from films in the same manner as Wolverine’s classic yellow and black number?

So there you have it folks, the three heroes we’re rooting for in Avengers 2. May 1st can not come soon enough, Marvel-fans!

FEATURE: I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse

BBC Three’s new show is shaping up to be a post-apocalyptic Crystal Maze!


Now, we admit we may have been a little slow on the uptake, but recently we’ve spotted BBC Three’s new reality TV/ Game Show, I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse, first came to our screens on Sunday. In this show, we see ten “survivors” try to live for a week in a zombie apocalypse, periodically being tasked by unseen army-types on the radio to gather supplies etc all while trying to avoid the living dead! To top it all off, the show is presented by none other than BBC Radio 1’s own Greg James!

ISAZA Greg James

So, seeing as zombie-based games are right up our street, we’ve decided to do an episode-by-episode review of the show!

To give you an idea of what it’s all about, here’s the description from the BBC website:

A reality game show set six months in to a zombie outbreak where a group of survivors have to take refuge in an abandoned shopping centre. Survivors just need to avoid the zombies, but the slightest touch will result in death. Anyone still alive in seven days will be rescued by an army helicopter

For anyone who’s ever played Humans Versus Zombies (AKA HvZ), this will be your cup of tea! And those of you who haven’t, check it out on BBC iPlayer!

Episode One’s review is up! Check it out here:

And, in related news, get your votes in for OUR survivors in Super Gamers of Decay. Here’s the link:

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